Shogo Okada CEO

To help people unchain 
their full potential
and thrive on the global stage.


In the midst of advancing globalization of people, goods, capital and information, it is expected to accelerate even further with the development of new technologies, such as Web 3.0.

What's more, Japan is entering an era of population decline, with the population projected to be around 90 million by 2060.

In response, many Japanese companies are making global development a pillar of their business strategy. In recent years, this trend has extended beyond large corporations. Many startup companies have been taking a global market approach from the outset.

With the backdrop of these societal transformations, cultivating global human resources is a critical imperative for numerous companies and there is a growing demand for business people to use their English skills to drive their businesses forward.

Offering an innovative method for learning English, PROGRIT is contributing to improving Japan's English proficiency and the globalization of companies.

Our mission is to help people unchain their full potential and thrive on the global stage. Keeping this mission at the forefront, we strive to persistently provide essential value over the long term, prioritizing fundamental principles over societal short-term trends.

We will also devote our efforts to remain a company loved by our customers, employees, shareholders and all stakeholders.

We hope that you will continuously support us in the long term.

Shogo Okada

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